About Me

My Name is Clayton Markin, and I Love Helping Families Find Care

In the early twenty-teens, my family had to search for care for my aging grandfather. We like so many others didn't know where to start, so we searched google and beyond to find somewhere that could handle an advanced Parkinsons disease patient like him. We found a place, and it was horrible. The conditions were poor, the staff wasn't paying attention to the specific needs of their residents, and the overall situation was (in retrospect) unacceptable.

In 2016 we had to find care for my grandmother, and we were determined not to make that mistake again. We did our research and found her a much better facility for a similar budget, and she lived out her final years peacefully. After seeing the difference the right care provider can make, I was determined to help other families do the same.

I started Caring Connection to help families find care, and I was introduced to the other side of this business, care homes. As soon as I toured my first care home I realized how much I loved the idea of seniors being cared for in a home environment. Seniors in these care homes get a high level of care without the feeling that they are in a "facility." And the people who run these care homes are incredible. They love their residents like their own family, and it shows. From the get go I knew I wanted to help families find care, and I wanted care homes to succeed.


The placements I've done have been very successful. I have a knack for determining level of care, and finding options for families. I've toured as many as ten facilities with families before making a decision, but all of my clients have been extremely satisfied. My issue has always been leads, and that's why I am looking for somewhere to use my skills to help more families. I have struggled with facebook and google campaigns to find families looking for care, and I have determined that while I have many skills, lead generation isn't one. I am looking to work somewhere where I can lean into my talents in working with families, and not have to rely on my digital campaign performance.

I have developed many new skills since starting this business, and I can assure I can learn whatever your companies software and processes are. This whole website is my creation, I built the entire thing myself in Wix, and maintain it's functionality. I built my own database of care providers, which I can access from anywhere (see video below for a demonstration). This database has a mapping function, so I can search by area and give families an overhead view of their area and all of their care options. I have a blog on this website where I write about senior care and my views on the market, and I've even learned some basic video editing to help show people what I can do for them. I can learn and adapt to any role, and have the skill of learning tasks on the fly.

Below are some video examples of what I have self-taught, and have implemented with success. I hope these shed light on the quality of work I'm capable of, and how I am self-motivated to get things done. I appreciate your time in reading this, and look forward to hearing from you.