Care Homes: Why You Should Consider a Residential Care Facility

Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE)

Aging in a Home

RCFE facilities are residential houses that have been converted into small assisted living communities. This makes them feel less like a facility and more like living at home.


While large assisted living facilities often have wellness checks every few hours, in an RCFE there is rarely a moment when your loved one isn’t under direct supervision by a caregiver. Because residents will sit in the living room or back porch, every time a caregiver looks up they can observe all the residents.


While pricing of an RCFE can look competitive to a large assisted living facility, you would pay thousands additionally a month to receive the same amount of care. For the same price of an assisted living facility, in an RCFE you get constant care and constant supervision. Prices from 4,000$ up to 7500$ per month with the highest level of care are to be expected.

Level of Care

Level of care in an RCFE is very high because of the small community size. If there are two caregivers and six residents, then each resident has better access to care than in a larger facility. Because these facilities are in houses, you can imagine how fast a caregiver can respond in an emergency. A caregiver is always within earshot of residents, which gives many families peace of mind.

Community Life

RCFE’s don’t do as many activities like shopping trips and luau parties, they don’t have book clubs or shuffleboard. This isn’t to say that there is no sense of community in these facilities, but they are often better suited to those who want to age peacefully. RCFE’s are also a good option for fall risks, because there is more supervision and assistance.

Family Environment

While nothing care replace your actual family, RCFE’s are often run by couples and have a home atmosphere. This adds to the peace many people find with RCFE’s because they enjoy living in a family environment as opposed to a medical environment.

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