Estate Planning is Important, and Will Save you Money

Estate Planning

Individuals fail to pursue estate planning because they think they don’t need it yet. You don’t own enough, you’re not old enough, you think there will be plenty of time to figure out your estate plan.

But estate planning is a great time to evaluate what kind of care your loved one wants going forward, and might give your family an idea of what the financial situation of your loved may be in.

Will or Living Trust

You may not know if a will or a living trust is the best option for you, and that’s something best worked out between you and an attorney.

On the assisted living side, having your estate planning squared away is crucial. On more than one occasion I’ve had clients ready to move into a care home, just to be stopped by paperwork. This is hard on families, it’s hard on care homes, and it’s completely avoidable.

Estate Planning Attorneys

Estate planning attorneys specialize in seniors and senior law. They have knowledge of state and federal laws and have experience in dealing with planning the later years of one’s life.

Many are tempted to do their will and living trust online at a discount, but these websites have a track record of providing incomplete plans and can deliver wills and trusts that aren’t legally binding.


An estate planning attorney fees can run in the range of 1,000$ to 2,500$ depending on the services and options provided.

Caring Connection works with a number of great estate planning attorneys and would be happy to refer you to someone qualified to handle your situation