Independent/Assisted Living Communities

Independent/Assisted Living communities are something you've likely seen before. Large communities that look like a combination office building and resort. These are the most commonly know type of senior living, and are popular for a reason. In these communities you can move in with limited or no care need, and transition into assisted living or memory care as needed. These communities have activities, vendors, and all kinds of engaging services for their residents.

Temporary Help

Independent and assisted living communities usually refer to larger senior care facilities with over 15 residents. These are often lower level of care than you would get with home health, and the day to day level of care is comparable to in home non medical care. Assisted living communities have medical staff that can administer medications and other normal medical care practices.

Amount of Care

Residents in these facilities can vary widely in their level of care. Some residents will be fully independent and still drive their own cars (Independent) , others need round the clock monitoring and care (Assisted).


Pricing of independent and assisted living communities can vary, but typically range from 4500$ to 8000$ per month for a private room plus level of care. There are lower price point options available, but facilities under a certain price can have a number of problems in terms of quality. Sometimes shared rooms or studios are available at lower prices as well.

Standard of Living

Rooms in these facilities are similar to apartments, with many having kitchenettes and private bathrooms. People living independently will often and breakfast and/or lunch in their kitchenettes, and have dinner in the large dining room with other residents.

Community Life

The benefit of a large assisted living community is in the community. Larger facilities have the resources to do things like group games and exercise, hold church services, or to take the community bus to local shops and events. These facilities can have beauty shops, exercise rooms, libraries, and even movie theaters within them. These facilities are a great choice for people who are social, and want to age in an environment with people like them. These facilities can add care as needed, and many people will have physical and occupational home health therapy come into an independent and assisted living communities.

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